Top ten tourist destinations in Odisha

Referred earlier as Orissa, Odisha brings with it a blend of architectural excellence and natural elegance to its tourists. The land is splattered with multiple temples from different eras and they are not just places revered for their religious inference but they are also held in high regards for their architecture. Let us now take a look at top ten tourist destinations in Odisha, which you should definitely log into your list on your next visit to the state.


There is no doubt that the city which is also the capital of the state of Odisha is a popular tourist spot in Odisha. You will be amazed at the interspersed architecture of modern and ancient buildings in this very ancient land and what will really amaze you is the fact that there are more than 2000 temples, making it the temple city of the Indian subcontinent. You would find many temples from the Kalinga era and also a few Buddhist shrines, thanks to Ashoka the great.
Top places to visit: Dhauli Hill, Odisha State museum, Lingaraja Temple, Udayagiri and Khandgiri caves, Anant vasudeva temple, Mukteswar temple, Nandankanan zoological park, Astasambhu Siva temples and more.


The city used to be the capital of the state before it was replaced by Bhubaneshwar and is definitely one of the top ten tourist destinations in Odisha. It is not just the place for ancient architecture and monuments but you will find picturesque locales as well in this land providing you the best combination for a holiday in Odisha.
Top places to visit: Barabati Fort, Bhitarkanika Mangroves, Netaji Birthplace museum, Lalitgiri, Kataka Chandi Temple and more.


Natural scenic locations blended in with cultural and heritage sites, Sambalpur are definitely a popular tourist spot in Odisha. The land is scattered with several natural spots including scenic waterfalls and lush green forests. It is quite famous for the textile industry and serves as a gateway to Western part of the state.
Top places to visit: Samaleswari Temple, Hirakud Dam, Cattle Island, Debrigarh Wildlife sanctuary, etc.


Your attention will be immediately called upon to the steel plants when you hear the name of this city. Being the second largest city in the state, it has some of the most interesting tourist destinations bringing it a place on the top ten tourist destinations in Odisha.
Top places to visit: Badaghagra falls, Vaishno Devi temple, Khandadhar Falls, Vedavyas temple, etc.


Whether you are religious or you are simply looking for a meet up with the nature, you will find it both here in Puri. The place is famous for the sun temple and the Puri Jagannath temple, both of which are renowned places of worship. And the beaches here are well known to attract those who are looking for a rendezvous with the nature. The land enjoys many vibrant festivals throughout the year and tourists visit the place every year.
Top places to visit: Puri Beach, Chillika Wildlife sanctuary, Gundicha Ghar Temple, Jagannath temple, Atharnala Bridge, Pipili, etc.


You will immediately think about the famous Sun Temple when we refer to the name Konark. Even though the sun temple is now majorly in ruins and yet never fails to attract tourists all through the year for its splendid architecture. But that is not the only attraction in this popular tourist spot in Odisha.
Top places to visit: Konark beach, Konark Museum, Sun temple, Ramachandi Temple, Balukhand- Konark Wildlife sanctuary and many more.


Set in the middle of hills, this place definitely gives you all the vibes for being a natural and artistic location. So if you are looking for enjoying yourself in nature, getting lost in the beauty of waterfalls and also gaze upon some interesting ancient architecture, then the Jeypore in Odisha is definitely your place to be. Considered prominent to be part of the top ten tourist destinations in Odisha, there is lot of history to learn in this place too.
Top places to visit: Kolab Botanical garden, Bagara, Gupteshwar Caves, Raja Mahal, Deomali and more.


Well known for the ores, many industries and of course picturesque hills, Barbil is located on the banks of the Karo River. And you would be surprised by the views you can enjoy within the hills in this place. Barbil also takes the 5th place for holding the largest deposits of manganese and iron in its midst in the entire world. It also has the oldest rock found in the world, whose origin dates back to 38000 years plus.
Top places to visit: Gonasika, Badaghagara waterfalls, Sanaghagara waterfalls, Murga mahadev waterfalls and so on.


Located in the place where the River Mahanadi meets the sea, the Bay of Bengal, the place itself is a beautiful sight to behold. The views of the beach, especially when the sun rises or sets into the sea, is worth waiting around to watch. With a port, beach and a sanctuary, you are never left wanting for more in this, popular tourist spot in Odisha.
Top places to visit: Paradip port, Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary, Gahirmatha sanctuary, Gahirmatha beach, the light house, etc.


The place which used to be part of the Sambalpur area has quite a few tourist spots that will keep you engaged on your holiday. More than the tourist destinations itself, what makes them more interesting is the value that each of these places bring with it. For instance, the Gandhamardan is a place that is mentioned in the epic Ramayana and is also found in the travel journal of Hieun Tsang from China. You will be surprised by the nostalgia presented by the many places in this land.
Top places to visit: Chaldhar Waterfall, Nrusinghnath temple, Papaharini, Gandhamardan, Papanga Hill, Nrusimhanath waterfall, Debrigarh Wildlife sanctuary and so on.
Odisha is a place where you can see an interesting confluence of ancient and modern architecture. You are literally taken back in time when you visit some of the places in this state and you will love every minute in each of the top ten tourist destinations in Odisha.

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