Bir Billing

Bir Billing- Another place for adventure in Himachal Pradesh

Bir and billing are two different places in which Bir is a village situated in Himachal Pradesh and  is located at the west of Joginder Nagar valley.  Basically, Billing is the take-off point for paragliding and bir is the landing spot and that’s  why it is called Bir Billing. It is centre for Ecotourism, meditation, and spirituality and is also considered as a paradise for paragliding. It is among the top ten tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

Why is it famous?

Bir Billing is also famous as the “Paragliding capital of India”. It is famous for its adventure activities and Tibetan monasteries and also stunning beauty and scenes. The Bir Tibetan colony is one of the most famous place in Bir billing because of the most Tibetan refugees residence. The plus point of this place is it is not crowded like kullumanali or other places therefore it is ideal for small and peaceful vacation.

Best time to visit

Although you can trek here all round the year but the best time for paragliding is October-November. You can also visit in between the entire summer for enjoying the specialties of this place.

Things to do


Paragliding is the best and famous thing to do in Bir billing. No one can skip doing paragliding if you’re coming to this place for a vacation. The take off starts from billing and lands at Bir. Once the take off starts, the gliders let you in the air for more than 20 minutes before landing, and you will experience the most beautiful and refreshing moment of your life in that 20 minutes.


There are number of trekking and hiking  routes that starts from Bir. If you have enough time then go for difficult hiking tour and if you’ve less time then go for a simple hiking. If you want to explore the best views of pine forests and mountains topes then take the hike from Bir to Billing. Some of the famous hiking routes are:

  • ChotaBangal to BadaBangal
  • Billing to Rajgundha to Barot
  • Parashar lake
  • Mcleodganj
Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is fun as well as adventure activity to do. Riding amidst difficult trails, mountain slopes and Greenery will give you thrill and fun, You can rent a mountain bike and go from one place to another, the advantage of mountain biking is you can stop anywhere and enjoy the valley, this cannot be obtained if you are in car or in a taxi.


You can enjoy things like bonfire while camping, you can go and book a tent or either camp it by your own.You can also book a package that includes both the activities of camping and paragliding. Camping is a fine example of ecotourism. Camping will soothes your soul and provides you pleasant experience.


The shopholics can go to Bir road which is known for its local stuffs and local food, it is a perfect spot to hang out anytime.

Toy Train Ride

You can travel from Bir billing to pathankot and then back to Bir billing by this travel toy train , experiencing peaceful , satisfying and relaxing nature with some extremely beautiful views alongside the hills while seeing the valley below.

Places to see

As listed above this place is famous for tibetan monasteries so here are some places you must visit:

Pema EwamChogarGyurma Ling Monastery

It is also named as ChoklingMonsatery , located at the right in the Birtibetan colony, built by ChoklingPinpoche. He was the one who established a Tibetan establishment here.


It is located in a village named Bhuttu, this is the largest monastery, the back side of Dhauladhar Himalayan ranges are also visible from here.

Nyingma Monastery

It is also referred to PalyulChokhorling Monastery, located on the main road. this is the most colourful and bright monastery with colourful parachutes flying right at the top.

Deer Park Institute

This park is located in Bir. It provides peace, meditation, philosophy and art culture, also being visited for retreating tourist with peaceful activities.

Bir Tea factory

It is one of the most famous tourist spot at Bir. one can go and learn how to convert tea plantation to tea production. There are extreme number of tea gardens to visit.

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