Privacy Policy

Indian travelopedia Privacy policy

Keeping the user security and safety as the topmost priority, we always strive towards ensuring that your information is safe with us. We assure you of absolute security in the collection, transmission, and usage of your information on our website.

The statement of privacy policy detailed here is applicable every time you are on our website, from any of your devices, and also applies to the social media pages of the Indian Travelopedia website.

The terms and conditions outlined in this policy statement are applicable every time you visit or use our webpage. We recommend that you have a thorough understanding of the information detailed here to avoid any disagreements or miscommunications. If you have any question which is not explained in this policy statement, you can reach out to us using the information under the “Contact Us” tab.

Please also note that this privacy policy is designed for our website Indian Travelopedia and is liable to change at any time in the future as deemed necessary by us.

Information collection

Information is collected not just from users of our website but also from third-party vendors who use our website from any device such as mobile phones, tablets, or personal computers and laptops.

  1. Information collection is done when you register for our services or our articles through our subscription option.
  2. Information collected includes name, age, sex, contact information, and other details that will identify you as the individual, termed as the Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  3. Demographic information like your IP address and other details that will help us to reach out to you are also collected. The IP address is not a direct identifier of who you are.
  4. We might also be collecting information about the kind of mobile carrier you use, the type of browser employed, device model, the language of the browser, the URL which leads to our website or the URLs you access from our website, the page you stayed for too long and much other information.

The information is collected irrespective of whether you are logging in through your website, or you use our Facebook page to access information.

How is the information collected?

The information is collected when you browser our website for information, or your comment on any product or service or article on our website. It could be through any platform or device, from which the website or its social media page was accessed.

We also employ browser cookies and web beacons, among other tools for collecting information on your preferences. The website is also enabled to capture your location information if the GPS is turned on while using the website.

Storage and use of information

We employ the best of the encryption technology in storing and transmitting your information.  We allow no compromise when it comes to handling information about our customers in our system.

The information collected from you, our customers, is used for,

  1. Improving your user experience on our website
  2. To understand your preferences and help with products or services that match your expectations.
  3. To process any subscription emails that you could have opted for when using our website.
  4. To inform you about any recent offers that you can make use of.

You have the choice to turn off the cookies if required using your internet settings options.

Please note that we do not share your information with any outsider unless legal entities demand it for legal purposes.

Our websites also have some ads from third parties, and clicking on these ads will take you to their respective websites. In such cases, the privacy policy of those websites will apply and not this statement.