Top ten tourist places of West Bengal

Enjoying mouthwatering rasagullas along with breadth taking natural scenery can happen only in West Bengal. Inheriting rich history, natural beauty and different cultures, WestBengal never leaves its visitors with out being wonder struck. West Bengal is always thronged by visitors for its numerous places to visit, like Museums, art galleries, hill stations, parks, temples, river and this list keeps expanding. Tourists keep visiting West Bengal round the clock but many prefers to visit during the months of September and October so that they don’t miss the grand durga pooja celebrations which is celebrated with full enthusiasm by the people.

Sundarbans National Park:

One of the top national parks in India that unfolds you a lot of things to explore and enjoy while you row those muddy waters. Sundarbans National Park is a magnificent mangrove jungle that got its transformation as a national park and can guarantee you some breathtaking experience. One of the mangrove plants named Sundari has taken the credit of giving name to this national park. Tigers, large reptiles, Deer, Rhinoceros, Buffalo are some of the famous animals of Sundarbans National Park.


Shantiniketan, which literally means Abode of peace, lives up to its meaning till today as it emphasises on humanity’s relation with the nature. It was established by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore in th year 1901. Later on, it was developed into Vishwa Bharati University. Uttarayan complex in Shantiniketan is the place where Rabindranath Tagore stayed and remains as one of the key attractions. It houses art gallery and a museum. The prayer hall, called as upasana griha is attractive as well and is decorated with multicoloured glass window. Kala bhavan, that has wall paintings, murals of famous artists, sculptures etc. Is considered to be the best visual arts colleges in the world. December is the best time to visit this place as it has festival celebrations for three days.

Chitrakoot Art Gallery:

Noted for its history and traditional legacy, you can expect numerous art galleries in West Bengal. Located at the capital city, this Chitrakoot Art Gallery is one of the Top ten tourist places of West Bengal. You can have a glimpse at county’s  finest artworks at this art gallery. Amidst hustle bustle of the city, this gallery sits calmly exhibiting the talents of creative minds.

Howrah Bridge:

One of the famous tourist attractions of West Bengal is Howrah Bridge. This suspended beauty over Hooghly River is a famous symbol of Kolkata. This bridge is working hard through out the year by carrying 1, 00, 000 vehicles every day. You would definitely wonder struck at the engineering magnificence of this Howrah Bridge. You should definitely experience a wonderful feeling of travelling over this Top ten tourist places of West Bengal.

Mandarmani Beach:

This West Bengal tourist place is the less crowded beach which will take 3 hours of journey to south of Kolkatta. You can definitely unwind in those beachy sands with more peaceful and in unpolluted way. Early morning walk or evening walk, you can enjoy the best moments with your loved ones at this beach. This longest motorable beach in India can definitely give you some thrilling moments when you go for a ride in a motor boat.  Situated at 180 km from Kolkatta, this West Bengal tourist spot is a fantastic place to relax. Many seas side resorts have propped up at affordable rates in Mandarmani. Time to have a plunge in sea water. Isn’t it?


A biggest lake in West Bengal is not failing the mother nature admirers. Mirik Lake is a fantastic lake with tranquil water and lush green surroundings which makes it get into the list of West Bengal tourist places. It seems like this Mirik acquired after a fish named Mrigal that was found here  though we don’t find any evidence of such fish existing now. You can enjoy pedalling boat in lake also a causal walk on the bridge over the lake. Top ten tourist destinations of West Bengal turns incomplete if we don’t include this splendid lake.

Jaldapara National Park:

Though Jaldapara National Park is a lesser know one in West Bengal tourist spots, it can offer you some great and memorable experience. You can enjoy those bumpy rides on elephant and safaris into the park.Rich in flora and fauna, you can enjoy how mother nature cuddles are the living being with her love and affection. Jaldapara National Park is situated at the eastern foot hills of Himalayas and you can definitely spot few tigers, spotted deer, bison and rhinos. Don’t forget to pack your DSLR to click few beautiful pics to share.

Fort William:

A fort located at the eastern banks of the river Hooghly is named after King William III. This fort is built with brick and mortar and you can expect it to be in approximate shape of an octagon with three sides facing the river. This fort is built and established during the British era where the black hole tragedy took place. This must visit place of West Bengal tourist spots can make you feel nostalgic.

Cooch Behar Palace:

This wonderful palace is designed on the model of London’s Buckingham Palace during Maharaja Nripendra Narayan’s reign. Elegance and grandeur can be admired in each and every corners of this palace. This double storey palace exhibits classical western style and hence worth a click for your camera. Cooch Behar Palace is located in place called Cooch Behar which is one among the Top ten tourist places of West Bengal.

Hangseshwari Temple:

One of the famous Hindu temple located in Bansberia town which is standing at the height of 21 meters is indeed a beautiful sight to see. Inheriting an interesting architecture, this temple is the must visit in Top ten tourist places of West Bengal. This temple was built in the beginning of 19th century and the main deity is beautiful blue neem wood idol Hangseshwari. The five storey temple resembles the five parts of our human body Bajraksha, Ira, Chitrini, Pingala and Sushumna. Are you ready for the divine darshan of goddess Hangseshwari?


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