Top ten tourist places in Himachal Pradesh

Want to take some break from the hustle-bustle of the city life? Then Himachal Pradesh is an apt place to choose. Beautiful Snow clad mountains, picturesque lakes, variety of wildlife, Historical places, temples, rich in adventure, calm and cool environment are top elements of Himachal Pradesh which keeps attracting loads of visitors round the clock. Himachal Pradesh tourist spots are wide and it is indeed a tough job to pen down only ten of them.  Pack your bag packs to fly to Himachal Pradesh as we are now going to discuss on Top ten tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.

Top ten tourist places in Himachal Pradesh

Rohtang Pass:

For a Honeymoon couple or an adventure sport, Rohtang Pass is the first preference. This popular spot in Manali is experiencing heavy crowd for its outstanding scenic beauty. Winter is the only time this is closed since it is completely snow clad. Many adventurous activities like Snow scooter ride, skiing etc are operational during May month. Rohtang Pass is one of the popular Himachal Pradesh tourist Spot which you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Basheshwar Mahadev Temple:

Located on the banks of beautiful River Beas, Basheshwar Mahadev Temple is famous for its intricate stone carvings. Everyone who visits the temple gets amazed for its unique pyramid style and a big “Yoni-Lingam” idol of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Basheshwar Mahadev Temple is the largest of all temples in Kullu, hence grabs its special place in Top ten tourist places in Himachal Pradesh list.

Jakhoo Hill:

Thickly encroached with Alpine trees this Jakhoo Hill is the highest point of Shimla. This popular Himachal Pradesh tourist Spot keeps attracting many visitors for its calm and peaceful atmosphere. Slowly enjoy the mother nature and climb the steps to reach the top of the hill, where in you can see Jakhoo Temple and Hanuman statue. You will definitely be accompanied by monkey warriors, so be careful with your belongings while climbing the hill. An interesting mythology is associated with this Jakhoo hill, theflat summit is believed to have caused by lord Hanuman’s sudden arrival to hunt a special herb inorder to save Lakshmana.

Khajjiar Lake:

This Mesmerizing Khajjiar Lake is located in Chamba district and is one of the Top ten tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.  “Have you ever enjoyed a picturesque lake beautifully laid in a middle of green medow?” You can never be able to spot such a rare combo of tall tress surrounding the green grass meadows with small lake in the middle. Offering lots of fresh oxygen from Cedar trees in the surrounding, this Lake is situated at 1,920 meters above sea level. Though the Lake is shrinking in size over years, it is really worth watching cute water bubbles calmly sitting in the middle of lush green landscape.

Mcleod Ganj:

Mcleod Ganj is a suburb located in Dharmasala. Having extensive British History and got its name from Sir Donald Friell McLeod. Situated at the height of 2,082 meters, this beautiful Himachal Pradesh tourist Spot includes variety of attractions like handicrafts, Church, waterfalls, Tibetan Museum, temples and many more. The attractive and greenery surroundings leave your wonder struck and will never allow you to leave the place, no wonder it is considered as summer retreat by British.

Kalatop Wildlife Reserve:

Thick forest with tall trees touching the clouds is the best description for Kalatop Wildlife Reserve. Located at 2500 meters above the Sea level it is covered with thick pine, deodar and oak trees. Covering a vast area of 30.69 square km, it houses innumerable wildlife and panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Top ten tourist places in Himachal Pradesh will become incomplete if you don’t visit this unpolluted Kalatop Wildlife Reserve to visit.

Kangra Fort:

Kangra Fort, the evidence of fine architecture is definitely worth a visit. This Fort was considered to be built around 1500 BC by Raja Susharma Chandra when he fought against Pandavas. It also houses a Tibetan museum, which touches on how Tibetans arrived and established here. When you visit this Kangra Fort do not miss magnificent view of the Manjhi and Banganga rivers from there. A perfect Himachal Pradesh tourist Spot for all History lovers, many delicate carvings can be relished even after the major portion of fort being destroyed in an earthquake.


Kasauli, which got established in 1820 is the oldest operating brewery in Asia.  Edward Dyer established this Brewery, the equipments sailed from Britain during British regime. You will be amazed to find that some of the older equipments like copper pot stills are being used even now. Do you know why this place was chosen for this Brewery? The pure spring water and the fantastic Scotland resembling climate were the main attributes. The visiting time of this distillery is from 7 am to 7pm every day.

Sujanpur Tira:

A historical venue with lots of importance is Sujanpur Tira. Housing famous forts and temples, Sujanpur Tira is definitely worth a visit among Himachal Pradesh tourist Spots.  One of the most famous Holi fair takes place in this place during the month of March. In addition to historical importance, this place is the most sought one by adventure enthusiastic for its sports activities like River Rafting, trekking and Paragliding. Sujanpur Tira is well-connected to all the major towns of Himachal Pradesh so better plan your holidays to enjoy the most.

Shivalik Fossil Park:

The very moment when we say Fossil then the first thought that comes to our mind is Dinosaur.  True, that is why a big Dinosaur is welcoming us in the entrance of the Park. Shivalik Fossil Park is the Asia’s first park that was developed at the actual Fossil site and would definitely be of great excitement to kids. Located at one of the oldest formed Shivalik Hill, this Shivalik Fossil Park is definitely a boon for archaeology lovers. When you plan your trip to Himachal Pradesh tourism, don’t miss to visit this Man made wonder offering some great information of our oldest vegetation.


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