Top 10 tourist places in Jammu and Kashmir

Given the epithet of “the only heaven in the Earth,” Jammu and Kashmir set the best example of scenic beauty across the world. It has been said that anyone visiting the place instantly falls in love with its unmatchable beauty and many believe that even the heaven itself would fail to surpass its beauty.

The crown state of India is beautiful in every aspect and is living gateway of romance for the lovers. Not only does it welcome honeymoon couples in its territory, but receives more than thousands of visitor every month. The best part about this place is that no matter in which season you are making your visit, you will fall in love with the beauty and the serenity of the state.

However, if you want so every bit of this beautiful state, make sure you visit in summers as in winter heavy snowfall blocks some of the beautiful places. If you intend to spend your upcoming vacation in this heaven, then you must check out our list of top 10 places in Jammu and Kashmir and without any escape, you should visit them to know what it feels like to be in heaven.

  1. Srinagar

Srinagar makes to the first place in our list as there are visitors who come to Jammu and Kashmir only to witness the beauty of Srinagar. The capital city of the state has not only charmed the visitors in all over the world, but it was one of the most loved places of Mughals, and they built around many parks here.

Srinagar is fenced by the mountains and Dal Lake resting in the middle. The lake is famous for the Shikara rides, and it is so enchanting that many times film directors end up shooting their movies and songs in the perfect ambiance. The entire city is covered with Chinar tress, and this makes the place matchless in terms of beauty.

  1. Sonamarg

Located just 87 kilometers from Srinagar in the north-east near Srinagar-Leh Highway, Sonamarg is a historic town in the state. It is situated on the banks of the Nallah Sindh at the bottom of the Thajiwas Glacier. The place is indeed beautiful, and one can see the Nature delineating its best form here. You can take a pony and climb up to the Thajiwas mountains that seem intimidating. One historical fact too rests with Sonamarg and that it serve3d as the gateway of transporting things from India to China the time when Silk route trade flourished.

  1. Pahalgam

Known to be shepherd’s village a long ago, Pahalgam has become an important and must-visit tourist places in the recent years. Most of the area is surrounded by the pine trees; snow covered cliffs and beautiful mountains. It likewise offers many interesting adventure stuff to the tourists and the most common of all is the trekking. Camping is another amazing adventure that is taken up by many. The Lidder Valley has located 24 km away from Pahalgam and is the most famous camping site.  The fishing lovers can enjoy the fishing at the Lidder valley.

  1. Dress

Otherwise known as the gateway to Ladakh, Dress rose to the fame while 1999 Indo-Pak war was on the scene. The beautiful snow-covered mountain soon transformed into a battleground. Tiger Hill, one of the famous tourist destinations is situated a few miles away from Drass. The place also has two amazing spots famous for trekking, Amarnath Cave, and Suru Valley.

  1. Gulmarg

Often compared as the Indian Alps in contrast to the Swiss Alps, Gulmarg is the perfect place to enjoy skiing activity and is located just 50 km away from Srinagar. The geographical location has some of the best amalgamation of Nature’s various sides; the lower ranges are covered by Pine trees and peaks are covered with snow. You can enjoy the Gondola services, and you will be taken to the top of the peak, and you can also take up the skiing activity here.

  1. Zanskar

The sub-district of Kargil and one of the distant areas of Ladakh, Zanskar till date is the only places that are least visited. The reason behind the place becoming isolation is that one can reach here only by walking on foot through a frozen river. This can also be taken as an advantage as the traditions and cultures have kept alive and untouched by the modernity. The only inhabitant town is Padum with having merely 700 residents, and rest of the areas are divided into small villages and highlands.

  1. Kargil

This place doesn’t need any introduction and exaggeration of words. The only name of the place is enough to know what rests here. However, the place still has some of the amazing tourist spots to visit, and it is a stopover between Leh and Srinagar. The landscape and the surrounding have made this place extremely beautiful.

  1. Nubra valley

From merely looking at the sand dunes of the Nubra valley, one can know that the formation of the valley took years and is the results of the natural phenomenon. Many rivers like Shyok River had taken the soil out of the mountain to the valley. In current times, Hunder and the sand dunes are one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Nubra valley. You can also see a little number Bactrian camels living here that are known to run the legacy of the ancient times.

  1. Pangong Lake

The place is a famous tourist place in Leh and it got to fame in recent years when a Bollywood movie “3 idiots” got some of the scene filmed here. It offers the stunning and one of the masterpiece creations of Nature. You must visit the place once in your lifetime as whatever you will see here, nothing in the entire world would be able to surpass the view in your mind.

  • Leh

Leh, one of the most beautiful places on Earth as it offers a scenic view of the two most contrasting image, the vast green valley sheltered by the dry brown mountain from all the sides. The valleys here are surrounded by the greenest of the trees and offer the most amazing views. The people here are known for their hospitality, and once you are here, you won’t feel like leaving the place.

These are the top 10 places of Jammu & Kashmir that must be visited at least once in your lifetime as Nature rarely displays its best formation the way it did here.

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